The following Schedule of Events is based on a 'no tie-breaker' draw. Should tie breakers be required, the schedule will change for Friday, and Saturday to accommodate additional games. Follow scores at WWW.PLAYDOWNS.COM


Tuesday, January 2nd

5:30 pm   Opening Ceremonies

7:00 pm   Draw #1

Wednesday, January 3rd

11:00 am  Draw #2

6:30 pm   Draw #3

Thursday, January 4th

11:00 am  Draw #4

6:30 pm   Draw #5

Friday, January 5th

9:00 am   Draw #6

2:00 pm   Draw #7

Saturday, January 6th

2:00 pm   Page Playoff 1 vs 2 (televised)

7:00 pm   Page Playoff 3 vs 4 (televised)

Sunday, January 7th

11:00 am  Semi-Final (televised)

4:00 pm   Final (televised

Closing Ceremonies will immediately follow the final game.