Welcome to the first 'spiel of the 2017-18 curling season. Register a team, or sign up as a solo and we'll do our best to make new teams.

We're playing 3 games over 6 draws in 1 day...that means two 6-end games, with a 4-end game to end the day before dinner! With 32 teams participating, we'll be awarding points for wins (15), ties (10) and losses (5), plus points scored during each game. The top three teams will be awarded prizes.

So, why "Get A Grip"? Each participant will receive a coupon for a new gripper which can be picked out of the equipment clinic area. We're promoting safety during this first event of the season, and Club representatives will be available during the bonspiel if you would like to have your equipment checked - proper, well maintained curling equipment helps to ensure a safe game and eliminates frustrations caused by debris on the ice.

$45 per person entry includes dinner, as well as coffee and muffins before the first games of the day to start you off right.




General Rules (for those who want to know everything).

  1. As this is a "funspiel", a team can have only one player who has played at a competitive level, such as in a provincial or national playdown (in other words...break up your teams and have fun!!)
  2. This is a mixed bonspiel where each team must have 2 men and 2 women, and the Skip and Third must be of the opposite sex.
  3. If a team has a player that is missing, they can either play as a three-person team or designate an alternate to play any position, providing items #1 and #2 are met.
  4. The first four games (alternating draws, so the first two games for each team) are 6 ends (90 min) and the final two games (again, the final game for each individual team) will be 4 ends (60 min). At the buzzer, the teams will complete that end and the game will be finished and the thirds will note the scores. CCA General Rules of play are in effect and the Free Guard Zone rule applies.
  5. A tie score remains a tie.


More information (for those who really want to know everything).

  1. Coffee and muffins will be provided prior to the start of the first two games (8am and 10am). The banquet takes place following the last game (7pm). Good Fellows Cafe will offer breakfast and lunch items until 5:30pm.
  2. Raffles...there will be a 50/50 draw at the Banquet. There will be raffle prizes and a "super" prize on display and tickets can be purchased during the day for the draw in the evening.