Hourly rates, per sheet *up to 8 people per sheet:
$70 - NO instruction, own equipment
$90 - with instruction and equipment included

So, what do you need to go curling?? Not much, frankly: what you really need are a pair of clean rubber soled athletic shoes that have not been worn outside.

You can appreciate that we can't allow dirty shoes onto the ice as it renders it useless for our sport. You've heard of rocks "picking"? That's what happens when a piece of 40 pound granite meets what would otherwise be a rather innocuous speck of dirt on the ice. Not cool.

We also recommend that participants wear stretchy pants and bring layers of clothing for warmth in our arena. We will provide grippers and sliders for each participant’s shoes plus brooms for sweeping. Unless you have your own, in which case - great!

Please contact the office for full details on ice rentals requiring instructors - we want to ensure you have everything you need!

If you want to know more about the sport with the brooms and the rocks and the yelling...check out the video below: