Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending rental of ice and the lounge for non-members. We expect that we will be able to accommodate groups of less than 50, on Saturday evenings, starting in November. If this may be of interest to you, please contact the office directly.


So, you’re sitting around the office wondering what type of fun can be dialed up for the semi-annual staff party…or maybe you are trying to find the perfect team-building exercise to really take the atmosphere at work to the next level…

For less per person than the cost of a movie ticket – you and 7 others can rent a sheet of ice for an hour and have a blast throwing stones at houses. Want some extra help? We have instructors and equipment available for your rental with nominal extra cost.

(Per hour rates: $90/sheet or $125/sheet with instruction/equipment – mandatory for beginners/non members)

Larger group? No problem – the more lead time you give us, the better opportunity we’ll have to accommodate you. We’ll work with you to make sure your experience matches your expectations. If you need or want some help or instruction, we can do that; if you know what you’re doing, we’ll leave you alone if you like. Equipment can be rented, purchased, or bring your own. All we ask is that your shoes are clean and haven’t been worn outside on the way in.

Come down, try curling, and then head up to the Stone’s Throw lounge for a local craft brew and find out why curling is truly the sport of kings…er…why curling is truly the sport of the masses!


8 Ender TGIF Photo g57 family curling