Board members are stewards of the Victoria Curling Club (VCC). By attending and actively participating in board and committee meetings and by valuing and acknowledging the experiences and points of view of other board members and staff, board members are better able to collectively make informed decisions that support and advance the vision, mission, goals and programs of VCC. 


VCC’s By-Laws #10 through #16 outline the legal requirements for election, removal, basic executive responsibilities, term limits and powers of the Board of Directors. 


Core responsibilities of all directors include: 


  • Regular attendance at board meetings 
  • Active participation on at least one committee 
  • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to VCC’s vision, mission, goals and programs 
  • Understanding and monitoring of VCC’s financial affairs 
  • Adherence to VCC’s policies and codes 
  • Ensuring VCC is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements 
  • May be a signing officer of VCC per By-Law 17.3 


The president’s primary role is to steward the Board of Directors in reaching decisions and actions with respect to organizational governance and priorities. 


Core responsibilities of the president of the board are as follows:


  • Serves as a member of the executive committee 
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of other committees of the board and may attend such meetings 
  • Chairs the board and executive committee meetings 
  • Ensures board and executive committee meetings are held on a regularly scheduled basis 
  • Ensures the development of board and executive committee meeting agendas 
  • Collaborates with the executive committee on the development of an annual general meeting agenda 
  • Chairs the annual general meeting 
  • Calls special meetings if necessary 
  • Chairs the human resources committee
  • Acts as the primary contact with the general manager on governance decisions and organizational issues 
  • Ensures the general manager’s annual evaluation 
  • Counsels committees to ensure their projects are completed in support of board priorities 
  • Acts as the primary spokesperson of VCC 


 The vice president of the board understands the core responsibilities of the president and is able to perform these duties if the need requires. 


Core responsibilities of the vice president of the board: 


  • Serves as a member of the executive committee 
  • Becomes familiar with the core responsibilities of the president of the board in the event he or she is required to assume any of these responsibilities 
  • Chairs one other committee of the board 


The treasurer ensures VCC maintains a high standard of financial accountability. 


Core responsibilities of the treasurer of the board: 


  • Serves as a member of the executive committee 
  • Chairs the finance committee 
  • Has practical knowledge in developing budgets, reviewing financial statements and participating in financial audits 
  • Oversees the development of and adherence to financial policies 
  • Reviews VCC’s financial statements on a regular basis with the general manager 
  • Works with the general manager to ensure adequate and appropriate systems of financial management and control are in place 
  • With the general manager ensures the board has the information and advice required to make sound financial decisions and meet its fiduciary responsibilities 
  • Presents the annual budget to the board for approval 
  • Serves as the board contact with the accountants 
  • Reviews the draft annual financial review engagement with the board and answers questions or seeks answers from the accountants 
  • Ensures the annual review engagement is presented to the membership at the annual general meeting 
  • Ensures the annual financial review engagement is made available on VCC’s website and stored in electronic and hard copy in VCC’s front office 


The secretary of the board is responsible for ensuring accurate and sufficient documentation exists that enables the board to conduct its business and that enables authorized persons to determine when, how and by whom the board’s business is conducted. 


Core responsibilities of the secretary of the board: 


  • Serves as a member of the executive committee 
  • Ensures minutes are taken at board and executive committee meetings 
  • Ensures all relevant documents are distributed to the board at least one week prior to its next meeting; documents include but are not limited to board meeting agenda, minutes of the prior board meeting, committee minutes and supporting documents, financial statements, general manager’s report, correspondence etc 
  • Ensures the records of the organization including those mentioned above, articles of incorporation, by- laws, minutes of annual general and special meetings etc are stored electronically and in hard copy in VCC’s office, maintained as required by law and made available when required by law or as outlined in the bylaws