The Victoria Curling Club is committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff and curlers.

As we are not only a recreational facility, but also a cafe/restaurant/bar, we are following all the latest Provincial Health Orders surrounding establishments such as ours.

  • It will be mandatory to be double vaccinated in order to enter our facility - we are utilizing the BC Vaccine Verification app to scan people who are curling, or who are ordering from the bar.
  • All those who have not had their Vaccination Passport (QR Code) scanned, or who have not lodged their consent to hold vaccination information with the Office, must do so.
  • For those who have consented to the VCC holding their proof of vaccination (by way of signed declaration), we have issued wristbands which should be worn inside the facility at all times (as visual proof for our staff). Those who have not been issued a wristband should be able to produce their QR code should they be asked by a staff member at the VCC.
  • Masks are mandatory inside the VCC, except when seated at the cafe or upstairs lounge; or on the ice surface while playing.
  • Notwithstanding the above, masks are strongly encouraged while on the ice surface playing.

Those are the basic rules. As far as further impacts to the Club in terms of protocols, we are still under "Stage 3" sport restrictions as far as most other operating procedures are concerned:

  • Four players per team are allowed - no sweeping restrictions. It is *your* comfort on the ice that is important, so discuss with your team.
  • The doors to the ice surface will be locked until the ice tech has finished making ice for your draw. Please do not attempt to gain entry before our staff has signaled that you are permitted on the ice. This measure will keep our staff safe from exposure to more people than is absolutely necessary.
  • The upstairs lounge is open in the evenings, and daytime Saturday/Sunday. Seating at tables is limited to a maximum of 6. As a "Club Licensee" we are allowed to continue to have self-service at the bar (i.e. as per normal), but you must make your way directly to your table - no table hopping is permitted once seated. If you are bringing curling equipment up with you, please store it under the table, with brooms in the provided slots in the tables. We will be spacing tables to ensure ease of traffic flow, as in the past year.
  • The lobby area has a maximum capacity of 70, allowing us to have full draws go onto the ice at one time, however please take personal responsibility for ensuring that physical distance between players/teams is kept as required.
  • We recommend one person per team deal with the spraying and sanitizing of the rock handles before each game. The Club will provide clean rags and disinfectant for each draw.
  • "Cubbies" are provided for your personal belongings out on the ice surface - there is one for each curler, please take advantage of them. Do not leave personal belongings anywhere outside of the cubbies, to allow for freedom of movement amongst people out in the ice area.
  • There is no "lost and found" at the Club, items left behind will be disposed of.
  • There are no tissues provided on the ice - please bring your own, and ensure that any trash gets placed into the garbage cans available.
  • Broom taps pre and post game are recommended over handshakes.


We are following the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) guidelines with respect to protocols regarding exposure, isolation and close contacts:

Simply put, and most importantly: All staff and Club members who are feeling ill must stay home.

Exposure to Covid-19 in fully vaccinated people requires self-monitoring for symptoms; self-isolation is required if symptoms appear. "Exposure" specifically refers to "close contacts": a close contact is generally someone who has been near a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes without physical distancing or other measures in place.

Translated to a curling environment, if you are on the same sheet as someone who has received a positive Covid test result, if you have been sweeping with them, or perhaps sharing strategy in the house with could be a close contact.

What next? If you are a close contact, then the direction is, that you must self-monitor for symptoms. If you get symptoms, then you must self-isolate for a minimum of 5 days from the onset of symptoms.

The assumption right now is that the virus is everywhere. We should all be treating it as such, and self-monitoring for symptoms on an ongoing basis regardless. It is up to all of us to keep each other safe - if you are feeling at all unwell, please stay home until you are feeling better. Follow the provincial guidelines for when to get tested, when to self-isolate, etc.

If you are unwell - assume you have Covid if symptoms are consistent with that, even if you don't get tested right away, or at all. Let your close contacts know, so that they can self-monitor for symptoms more vigilantly. If applicable, let the Club know, and dependent on circumstances, we may choose to make further announcements.

Get a spare, or if necessary, forfeit your game. We'd all rather be healthy than not (obviously).

When you come to the Club, expect to see a sheet or two empty, and if a cancellation effects you, then be happy that you are being safe.


Should the VCC experience a preponderance of confirmed COVID-19 cases, we will follow all Public Health guidelines and recommendations with respect to announcements or service notices/closures made to our membership and the general public.



  • There are no facilities for spectators in the lobby area. We ask that members only bring family members to the Club as needed. There is limited seating for cafe patrons in the cafe area; everyone else looking for tables and chairs should head upstairs.
  • The building entrance on Quadra Street will only be used for entry to the building. The only exit from the building is the exit door next to Sheet 8. Please follow posted signage.
  • We continue to recommend that you come "ready to curl" - bring your change of shoes, but please have your other curling gear already on.
  • After your game, if you choose to bring your shoe bag and broom upstairs, we have broom "stations" at each table, and you will be expected to store any personal items under the table.
  • The VCC will not be accepting cash payments in the office or the lounge until further notice.