Curling Paused

We have been notified, effective immediately, that all Adult team curling must stop, which this season, is pretty much all of our leagues.

While this is obviously bad news for those of us who have relied on curling as a social and physical outlet during the worst of the pandemic, it is also a call that was made in the face of rising numbers of cases of Covid-19. That the Club has been able to navigate this season to date without issue is a testament to everyone who has been following our protocols while here, and the government guidance while elsewhere.

At this point, there will be no league curling until we get the go-ahead.

This was an eventuality that was planned for when we set up our season – we had more league dates for curling this year than in year’s past – so if this pause is of a relatively short duration, our year will not be too negatively impacted. Currently, we have only two weeks left until our two week Christmas/New Year break, so we could be getting four weeks off for the price of two – which can only benefit us in the long run.

We do have the ability to offer ice time to individuals – 1 per sheet – and we are currently looking at creating several practice ice blocks that can be booked, similar to our Saturday practice ice, throughout the week, both in mornings and evenings, if there is some demand for it.

Those of you who have practice ice booked for this Saturday, we will still be open, *but* with the caveat that there can only be one person per sheet. If you are unable to make that work, please email the office, and we’ll make arrangements.

So, stay tuned for further information. We will continue to update you as things change. And one thing these last 9 months have taught us, is to *expect* change.



The Victoria Curling Club Team