WE HAVE A LEAGUE FOR EVERYONE: Ladies, Men, Juniors, Seniors, Competitive, Recreational, Mixed, Open, Student...

2020-21 Season Registration is LIVE starting August 31. All of our leagues, prices, and information can be accessed via the "REGISTER NOW" link below.

PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE REGISTERING. There are many changes to the Club, surrounding protocols involving COVID-19. Please keep in mind that much of this information is fluid - we will update here as applicable.


PHASE 3 of the Province of British Columbia's Return To Sport Plan is now in effect! See: Teams-of-four-within-the-RTC-phases

That means 4 person teams are available for registrations. Remember, within the curling guidelines surrounding COVID-19, only 3 players are involved in each shot, with the 4th person standing on one of the designated, physically distanced spots available on the side of each sheet.


Please note: as part of our COVID-19 protocols, we have instituted split draw times for all leagues. Essentially, this means that all draws will see half of the sheets going on first, followed by the second half of the sheets 30 minutes later. This will allow us to be physically distanced in the lobby area prior to going out onto the ice. Morning leagues will be going on the ice at 9:30am and 10:00am; Afternoon leagues at 12:30pm and 1:00pm; and Evening leagues at 6:00pm/6:30pm for early draws and 8:30pm/9:00pm for late draws. TGIF, Friday Mixed and Rookie Leagues will have slightly different draw times - refer to the registration pages for details.


More information on our COVID-19 protocols and safety plan can be found here.


We are once again using Curling I/O as our "backend" website to register for all leagues. If you have registered online in the past 3 seasons, you likely already have a login. If not, or, if you are having issues confirming your login and getting into the site - have a look at the video below:





You *must* register for your league prior to showing up for the first day of curling. Due to contact tracing requirements, anyone not registered will not be permitted inside the facility.


  • Senior Select
  • Afternoon Ladies "Team of Choice" (Monday)
  • Monday/Wednesday Night Men's
  • Monday Evening Ladies
  • Superleague (Tuesday)
  • Wednesday Morning Ladies
  • Masters (Thursday)
  • Thursday Open
  • Broom Under Water (Thursday)
  • Friday Mixed

Your team must have contacted the league rep or the office, to guarantee a spot prior to registering. Please note - we have eliminated the requirement for a "Team Deposit" for these leagues, however we will be monitoring registrations to ensure that all teams have been in contact with the League Rep or office - some of our evening leagues are very busy, and we want to ensure that returning curlers are able to confirm their spots.


If you are signing up as an individual - no team - we have the following leagues available:

  • Monday Afternoon Ladies "Legacy"
  • Tuesday/Friday Senior Men's
  • Commercial League (Wednesday)
  • TGIF (Friday)
  • Sportsmen (Saturday)
  • Britannia (Sunday)
  • Rookie League (Sunday)



We have simplified the process for 5 player teams this season - if you are signing up as a member of a 5 person team, simply enter that information when registering (follow the prompt), and your league fees will be discounted accordingly so that each player pays the correct amount. No more chasing after your teammates!



Looking to spare for the year or for a game or two in another league? Or can't commit to playing full-time? New this year, we will be offering our Spare Board through the Curling I/O platform. More information on sparing can be found here.



In the event that curling is suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions or other factors, including any closure of the Club, we will refund league fees on a pro-rated basis (based on the number of games played vs. yet to be played, or more specifically, the number of games lost), less an administration fee of $50 to offset costs associated with credit card fees, office overhead, etc.



League fees can be paid online through the system with a credit card, or via e-transfer. If you would like to pay via e-transfer, please choose the option of "CASH/CHEQUE" on the payment page. We will also be offering the option to pay for league fees in 2 installments, rather than in one lump sum payment. If you wish to take advantage of this option, please select "CASH/CHEQUE" as your payment type online. We can then take your credit card information over the phone or accept an e-transfer for the installments.



As an option with registration, we will offer an "opt-out" insurance coverage, in the event that you no longer wish to continue curling, for *any* reason, while the Club itself is still open. The cost will be $40, paid in full with league fees. If this is purchased, the VCC will refund your league fees on a pro-rated basis, based on the number of games played vs. yet to be played, less an administration fee of $50 to offset costs associated with credit card fees, office overhead, etc., at the time you communicate to us that you no longer wish to curl this season.



We will not have "club" equipment available for use. This means no grippers, brooms, sliders, or delivery aids. Now is the time to "own your game" and purchase equipment that you may be missing. We understand that means potential extra cost, but even with buying of equipment, curling still has one of the lowest "costs of entry" of any sport.We will be offering packages at the time of registration, starting with a very basic "2 grippers, step on slider and fiberglass broom" for $125; and going up to "high end shoes with carbon fibre broom" for $375; with stops in between based on a "good/better/best" model.

Want to get in on the package deals? You can add these to your registration package by going to the "Products" tab in Curling I/O!



Lockers will not be available this year, as it is impossible to physically distance in the space that we have available.

A couple of points here: we have commandeered the men's locker room, and converted it into a unisex change area for those who are unable to arrive at the Club in full curling gear. There will be only 5 change stalls available, so please consider this a very limited option, and use only as required.

We will be able make a few lockers available in the change area that can be used as storage for those who take transit or bike to the Club during the season - if this is something that applies to you, please advise so that we are aware. However, the expectation is that everyone will bring themselves ready to play each time they come to the Club.