League Play Officially Over – Procedures


We hoped that the news would be better, but we are now faced with the reality that our curling season has in fact come to an end, at least as it concerns league play.

As Colin notes, we are keeping the ice in until March - continuing to offer bookable/paid practice ice time for our members; allowing the Greater Victoria Curling Academy (for U22 youth curlers) to finish off their season; and giving an opportunity for Steph Baier-Jackson and Corey Chester, the BC Mixed Doubles Champions, to practice and hone their game for the Canadian Championships taking place in Calgary in March.

However, we are faced with the reality that pro-rated refunds are required for the balance of the season that was not played.

If you played in a full-year league, you will have the following options:

  • Receive a pro-rated refund on your league fees.
  • Donate your pro-rated league fees, and receive a charitable tax receipt for the amount, through the BC Amateur Sport Fund. If you choose this option, the VCC receives 95% of the funds donated.
  • Donate your pro-rated league fees in full to the Victoria Curling Club directly - the VCC would benefit from 100% of the funds.
  • Refund a portion of your pro-rated league fees, donate the balance.


We were able to conclude 42% of the regular season - while each league has slightly different fees, the calculations are the same. As an example, for a curler playing in one league:

$300.00 - League Fees
(126.00) - 42% "used"
( 50.00) - Administration Fee
$124.00 - Amount that can be refunded/donated, plus GST

Please note that if you played in more than one league, the administration fee only applies once. Further note that your VCC Membership and Curl BC/Curling Canada dues are non-refundable as with those fees come important insurance coverages each and every time you step on the ice. We haven't included them in these calculations.


Please email the office - info@victoriacurlingclub.com - with your choice of what you would like to do - please be specific, and we ask that you please advise us no later than February 22. All refunds will be via cheque. If you are donating your fees and requesting a charitable tax receipt, we will have further instructions for you after February 22 - but we ask again, that you please advise us prior to that date regardless.

To give some background on the decision to keep our ice: We calculated the cost to hang onto ice for another 5 weeks vs. pulling it now. That amount is subsidized through a combination of Curl BC funds, private donations, and our projected income from practice ice for the remainder of the time.

None of the individual members' league fee donations are going towards that cost.

We are continuing to have the Greater Victoria Curling Academy (youth program) operate until their regular year is finished. That ice time is donated by the Club to the Academy, and it is also the driver for allowing us to offer charitable tax receipts to those that want them.

Thank you to everyone who curled at the Club this season (and continues to curl via our practice ice)! That we are looking forward to next season is a testament to everyone who trusted the protocols and came out to play this game we all enjoy. It's unfortunate that we had to pull the plug early.

A note on practice ice...here is our revised schedule of availability:

TUESDAY: 11am - 2pm // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
WEDNESDAY: 11am - 2pm // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
THURSDAY: 11am - 2pm // 5:00pm - 8:00pm
SATURDAY: 1pm - 4pm
SUNDAY: 1pm - 4pm

Thank you to everyone for their patience while we waited out the Provincial Health Orders surrounding adult sports. Now that we have clarity, we also have a path forward. While all of our time on the ice has been truncated this year, we are also thankful that we were able to get a decent chunk of the season in. Further, we are already looking ahead to next season.

For now, please consider coming out to throw a few rocks so that you aren't completely rusty come the fall. And if you are looking for new gear, our pro-shop is open via appointment, typically during the hours of 10am - 3pm during the week. Lots of brooms, gloves, grippers, and shoes... If we don't have it in stock, we will look to order it in for next year.


Paul Dixon,
General Manager, VCC