All curlers at the VCC are required to pay the VCC Membership Fee annually, which is $25 plus GST. In addition, payment of Curl BC and Curling Canada association fees in the amount of $20 is required.

League fees are per person and vary by league. Scroll down to see the fees within the descriptions of each league, or go to our registration pages directly (available as of August 25).

Discounts available

  • $20 Senior discount (age 60+)
  • $75 Youth discount (ages 21-25 inclusive)
  • $125 Junior discount (under age 21)
  • $45 discount for second league played
  • $100 discount for third and subsequent leagues played

Note that discounts are not applicable to Doubles leagues

In addition, we are incentivizing existing members to bring in new curlers* with either a $75 pro-shop voucher or a free one hour lesson with our new Club Pro. Note that both the referring member and the new curler receive this benefit!

*New curlers have not curled at the Victoria Curling Club in the past 3 years (i.e. since before the 2019-20 season). At the time of registration, the new curler must name the referring member on the sign up form to claim.

There are two broad categories that leagues in the Club fall into: open or gender specific; and team based or draft. “Draft” in this case simply means you can sign up as a single and be placed on a team without needing to confirm a specific spot with the League Coordinator.

Weekly Schedule - 2022-23 League Types

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“Open” leagues allow for any gender combination on a team. Note that leagues that show a “TEAMS” format require a full team to be registered to join. Please contact the League Coordinator to confirm your spot prior to registering.


$330 / Format: OPEN, TEAMS / Average League Age: 65-70

League Coordinator: Andy Jarzebiak (click to email directly)

The Senior Select League is an open curling league for curlers who are 55+ years of youth… We welcome men’s, ladies and mixed teams to vie for trophies in 5 categories. The level of competition is high but with a social/fun aspect to it as well.

$395 / Format: OPEN, TEAMS / Average Age: Juniors to Seniors

League Coordinator: Chris Baier (click to email)

The pre-eminent curling league on Vancouver Island, the Super League welcomes competitive teams of all stripes, from Junior curlers to Seniors and everyone in between. Most teams in the league have an eye towards their respective playdowns, be than in Men’s, Ladies, Juniors, Seniors, or Mixed. We have an admirable history in particular of sending the Junior and Ladies teams that choose to play in this league onwards to provincial and national championships.

$320 / Format: OPEN, DRAFT / Average Age: 65

League Coordinator: Jim Cliff (click to email)

The Commercial League is an open mixed fun league with the majority of curlers being of retirement age. We are a mixed group of skill levels, committed to the game – we know the strategy but execution can evade us. We like to sit for coffee post-game, and have 4-6 socials every season.

$315 / Format: OPEN, TEAMS / Average Age: 70

League Coordinator: Al Teasdale (click to email)

The Thursday Masters is now an OPEN format league. This is a fairly competitive league, growing from the Greater Victoria Masters Superleague. Many of our curlers participate in the Monday Senior Select League here at the VCC or other senior leagues at Esquimalt.

$355 / Format: OPEN, TEAMS / Average Age: 50

League Coordinators: Mackenzie Schroeder and Kevin Pickell (click to email)

Thursday Open teams want to win (we keep score!) but also want to have fun (we don’t keep score in the bar, but you can bet we’re there!). There is room for all levels of curler in this league, and our teams vary from all women to all men, to all mixes…

$110 each half / Format: OPEN, DRAFT / Average Age: 70

League Coordinator: Dorothy Wright (click to email)

This isn’t straight up “doubles” curling – it’s Stick Doubles, with a different rule set altogether. Want to try the stick and get into a new game? This league is open to *ALL* curlers, regardless of whether you play regularly with a stick or not. The league will have two weeks of drop in on October 7 and 14 to try the game out, with instruction available before true league play starts October 21. We’ve divided the league into two 8 week halves, for pre and post Christmas. Come as a single, and we’ll find you a partner!

$340 / Format: OPEN, DRAFT / Average Age: 60

League Coordinator: Paul Langdon (click to email)

We are a mixed league of all ages. Our league is fun and social, with some friendly competition. We strive for a good balance between male and female players, singles or couples; beginners are welcome. As players gain experience they are encouraged to take on more responsibilities in subsequent years. A draft is held at the beginning of each season to determine teams (taking into account couples, beginners, and others wishing to curl together…).

$150 Pre Christmas – $110 Post Christmas / Format: OPEN, Both TEAMS & DRAFT / Average Age: all

League Coordinator: Corey Chester (click to email)

Doubles league is an attractive option for folks looking for a shorter, and less commitment option to the game. This is “open” doubles as opposed to “mixed” doubles, so any player combination is okay to get on the ice. The league is divided into two half years: a pre-Christmas league of 12 weeks and a post-Christmas league of 8. If you’ve seen Mixed Doubles on TV at the Olympics, and think it could be fun to try…TRY IT!

$350 / Format: OPEN, DRAFT / Average Age: 20’s to seniors

League Coordinator: Linda McKay (click to email)

The Britannia League is a fun oriented draft league, where skips draft their teams each year from a list of players, and those teams play together for a full season. New teams are drafted the next year. Ours is an open league as with the draft format it is difficult to have a set component of how many players of each gender are on each team. We have a round robin, followed by playoffs, so there is a competition, but that isn’t our first priority. We have players ranging from seasoned veterans to rookies and all are welcome. Ours is a very social league, with members going upstairs to the lounge after games to spend money on the weekly draws for gift cards, and at the bar. The Britannia League is perfect for players new to town or new to curling or for anyone wanted to have fun.

$350 / Format: OPEN, Both TEAMS & DRAFT / Average Age: under 50

League Coordinator: Karin Michel (click to email)

The Rookie League is a place for new curlers and old curlers who have been away from the game a while to meet and get back into the game. An extremely busy league, we “graduate” curlers from the Adult Learn To Curl into this league regularly, and there are opportunities to move from the Rookies into other leagues at the VCC after a season or two. We accept teams, and also match up individuals with teams to get into the league.



$355 / Format: MIXED, TEAMS / Average Age: 45

League Coordinator: Yanni Vasilakopoulos (click to email)

The BUW is a mixed league sponsored by the Moon Under Water Brewery here in Victoria. Every month there’s a social at the pub there. The Broom is a true mixed, with 2 men and 2 women on each team, and the skip/third must be alternating gender. The focus is on recreational play in this league, with a range of skill levels, but with nothing being taken too seriously.

$340 / Format: MIXED, TEAMS / Average Age: 55

League Coordinator: Shelley Rogers (click to email)

The “original” mixed league at the VCC – if you can’t wait for the weekend, and want to start off with a recreational league with lots of social activity, this is the place. While this is a “traditional” mixed league, we aren’t dogmatic about it – if you have an unbalanced team, check with the league coordinators to see about options. All skill levels are welcome here – emphasis is on enjoyment over competitiveness.



$330 / Format: LADIES, TEAMS / Average Age: 40-80

League Coordinator: Gerane Iuvale (click to email)

This is a non-competitive league for teams – championships take a backseat to social aspects of curling, but there is a reasonable level of skill throughout the league. We can match new curlers up with teams to join in the camaraderie.

$330 / Format: LADIES, DRAFT / Average Age: 65-70

League Coordinator: Susan Shimmin (click to email)

We have members with decades of curling experience, including long time coaches, who are more than willing to have new curlers join and provide them with encouragement in a very friendly, non-competitive environment.  We have a few spares who have come in via this route and are now playing well in other leagues.

$365 / Format: LADIES, DRAFT and TEAMS / Average Age: Youth to Senior

League Coordinators: Kathy MacKenzie and Sandy Martin (click to email)

We are a fun, social women’s curling league welcoming curlers of any age or experience. We are looking to increase the number of teams and invite any women/girls wanting to curl to join! We accept full teams, partial teams, and individuals – let us know your preferred position to play so we can match you with a team. Contact us directly, or the office if you are looking for an evening ladies league! Our draw format is round robin, with a year end playoff for trophies and scheduled social fun nights of alternative play.

$320 / Format: LADIES, TEAMS / Average Age: mid 60’s

League Coordinator: Toula Smith (click to email)

We welcome all levels of curlers and find there to be a range of skill level in our league, some who are new to curling and others who have played competitively. The atmosphere is inclusive and welcoming and comprised of ladies who love the game and wish to see it thrive. Our time slot does attract the retired sect but with flexible work conditions we have younger curlers as well.

Sign up as a team or if looking for a team let us know and we will endeavour to connect you to others.


$365 / Format: MEN’S, TEAMS / Average Age: Youth to Senior

Monday League Coordinator: Andrew Johnston (click to email)

$365 / Format: MEN’S, TEAMS / Average Age: Youth to Senior

Wednesday League Coordinator: Joel Cave (click to email)

The Men’s League welcomes a range of skill levels from new curlers to experienced. The league is split into divisions to help keep play well matched. While one can embrace their competitive side through the Robertson Rock regular season championship and the season culminating playoffs between the Monday and Wednesday nights, sportsmanship is mandatory as our focus remains on friendly on-ice play followed by good conversation while socializing with your opponents post-match.

$545 / Format: MEN’S, DRAFT / Average Age: 70

League Coordinators: Stu Fraser and Jack Trueman(click to email)

This is a non competitive “draft” style league in which players register individually and rotate from team to team throughout the season. There is a mixture of all skill levels with an emphasis on friendly competition and social interaction. Note that this league plays twice per week – both Tuesdays AND Fridays!

$350 / Format: MEN’S, DRAFT / Average Age: 55

League Coordinator: Paul Rober (click to email)

The Sportsmen are a league of competitive, social men of all skill levels and ages. If the thought of curling with a group of guys at 9:30am on a Saturday morning appeals to you, then – this *is* the league for you. It’s a draft league, with players moving up in positions with time in the league.