Did you try curling in high school, thought it was pretty fun, but then forgot about it as the years passed? Or maybe you've never set foot on ice before. Now you watch curling on TV and think, "Hey! I could do that!"

While we won't guarantee that you will be throwing rocks at houses at an elite level (right away), we can guarantee that there's a whole lot of fun to be had playing the game with the rocks and the brooms and the yelling... Our Adult Learn To Curl program will take you through every facet of the game, from throwing your first stones (potentially ever) to sweeping, and in-game strategy.

This is a 9 session program on Sunday evenings (7pm - 9pm), starting on January 9 through March 27 (some weeks are skipped). We provide all the equipment you need, and as an added bonus, we are including an entry to our year-end wrap up bonspiel, the Sooo Long!

Participation is limited to ensure a high coach to curler ratio! Only $220 for the full program, including bonspiel entry.


More information, and registration, is available via THIS LINK