Did you try curling in high school, thought it was pretty fun, but then forgot about it as the years passed? Or maybe you’ve never set foot on ice before. Now you watch curling on TV and think, “Hey! I could do that!”

While we won’t guarantee that you will be throwing rocks at houses at an elite level (right away), we can guarantee that there’s a whole lot of fun to be had

Adult Learn to Curl is exactly what it says it is… if you are an adult, and have never before curled, or want revisit the game: this is the place to learn what you need to get you ready to play in one of our recreational leagues at the VCC.

Even if you’ve never stepped on the ice before, this 8 week program will take you from that first step, right through gameplay strategies. Sliding, handles, sweeping, yelling, judging weight, curling terminology, strategy and more are all covered here.

All equipment needed is included – shoes, brooms, and sliders; if you feel more comfortable wearing a helmet, you are certainly free to bring your own (bicycle, skater, or hockey helmets all work, and we sell some “curling specific” ones in our pro-shop).

Winter program starts Sunday, January 8, and the following Sundays:

January 15, 29; February 5, 12, 19; March 12, 19


7PM start time – 2 hours on-ice.

Participation is limited to ensure a high coach to curler ratio! Only $225 for the full program.


Registration is available via THIS LINK