Message from the President

Hello VCC Members,

Well, that’s it. Based on the latest COVID 19 directions the BOD have decided to shut down all league play for the remainder of this season. The club will remain open for the academy and practice until mid March.

The office has calculated the monies owing members based on our commitment to return the unused portion of your fees less the administration fee and Curl BC membership fee. See Paul’s note below for detail and options. In short here are some salient fact to consider:

  1. We completed about 45% of the season.
  2. The total number of games planned this season exceeded the normal season because we assumed there would be fewer, if any, bonspiels and special events such as play downs.  In a normal season we would have completed about 50% of the league schedules when we closed on Dec 4th, 2020.
  3. Monies owing will be in the neighbourhood of $100 to $125 if you played in one league.
  4. Your options in summary are:
    1. Pro-rated return of league fees.
    2. Donate your remaining fees to the club. Some members have already indicated that they would do this – thanks. Note that you will have the option to receive a charitable donation receipt for all donated fees. If you choose to have a charitable receipt issued for your donation, the Club receives 95% of the funds through the BC Amateur Sport Fund.
    3. Combination of “a” and “b”. Donate some and get some refunded.
  5. Keeping your remaining dues on account as a deposit for next year is not an option due to the complex administration involved using Curling I/O for registration.
  6. Although we have not heard anything we expect the Times Colonist book sale will be cancelled again this summer further reducing our revenue.
  7. Keeping the ice in until mid March will allow the British Columbia Mixed Doubles Champions – Corey Chester and Steph Baier-Jackson – who are headed to the nationals in Calgary, with a place to practice. Note that Curl BC is helping to subsidize VCC for the costing of keeping in the ice, but also every practice ice session booked will further help support not only our Provincial Champions, but also the Greater Victoria Curling Academy and youth curling in Victoria.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe. Please feel free to contact the office if there are concerns you wish to express. If you wish to contact me directly please feel free to do so. I can be contacted at <>.

Colin Coughlin,
President, Board of Directors