President’s Message Dec 2019

Now that we have a couple of months curling under our belts I think we can look back at the season thus far as having gotten off to a great start.  Our leagues are basically full, rentals are up, the new look lounge is great and a couple of bonspiels have been successfully held. 

None of this would be possible without our tremendous staff and slate of volunteers. Thank you Paul, Cody and Deb. The volunteer list is to long to print but thank you all. 

I was particularly happy when a call for volunteer “new curler” facilitators went out and was answered by more than 30 of our members. Now instead of a hand full of people to call on the club have almost 40 facilitators to call on. This means a spread of the workload and that we do not need to turn down curling rental requests due to lack of facilitators. Thank you to the organizers and all those who showed up. 

One other bit of information I think you may find of interest is that VCC has formally entered into a “sister club” relationship with Morioka CC in Japan. Morioka is also a sister city of Victoria.  More details will be forthcoming. Some Morioka curlers will be coming to play at VCC in March 2020. Anyone interested in planning host events or in a trip to Japan to curl please contact Neil Campbell at

This year the Board of Directors is once more focusing on fiscal stability both in the short term and the long term. With a current count of about 850 members and barring any large unexpected expenses the short term looks good. For the longer term we will need to continue to work to increase new curler intake, work with the City to secure a long-term lease and work with the Greater Victoria curling interests in support of long term curling within the region. 

Colin Coughlin


Victoria Curling Club