Welcome Back to the Sooo Long Bonspiel!

Our Raffle basket tickets are 10 for $10 cash only. For Bonspiel participants only and you must be at the draw Saturday evening to win otherwise the ticket will be redrawn.

Please see below for our incredible donors. Come up to the lounge to see the 5 raffle baskets!


The Draw information is below the donors page.
The Rules are below Mungo Sue’s Menu  

Thank you and good curling!



50/50 Draw: 3 tickets for $5 or 10 tickets for $10 cash only please. 50/50 results:

Ticket 1. Wednesday March 29th: winner Rob McMurray  $252.50 red ticket number 774084

Ticket 2. Thursday March 30th: winner Marlene Jeffries  $230.00 yellow ticket #388133

Ticket 3. Friday March 31st: winner David Little $362.50 green ticket #121234

Ticket 4. Saturday afternoon April 1st:

Ticket 5. Saturday night April 1st:

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Please note. The Stones Throw Lounge Bar and Mungo Sue’s Cafe and Eatery are cashless, accepting debit and credit card only. Our event will be accepting CASH ONLY for 50/50 raffle sales and CASH ONLY for Raffle tickets.

we apologize for any inconvenience

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Welcome to the 2023 Sooo Long Bonspiel. We will be running a Pool Format consisting of 6 end games. Teams will play a round robin of 4 games within their pool. Teams are expected to play at a moderate pace to keep the draws on time. We are not playing for a car or mega dollars so no need for extended discussions!

Conduct of Play

  • CCA General Rules of Play are in effect for the bonspiel. 
  • The 5 rock Free Guard Zone rule will apply. 
  • Teams will be awarded points as follows:
  • Win – 3 points
  • Ties will be decided with a throw to the button; any player can throw and sweepers from the throwing team permitted.
  • Win after a throw to the button: 2 points
  • Lost after a throw to the button: 1 point
  • Loss: no points
    • To minimize backups, all games are to start at the scheduled time. At one hour and 10 minutes, there will be a buzzer. Finish the end you are on and you can play one more end [to a maximum of 6 ends]
    • A team being late will forfeit 1 point and 1 end for every 10 minutes they are late as well as last rock. After 30 minutes have elapsed, the game will be forfeited.
    • Teams will toss to choose hammer or rock colour.
    • Please remember to complete your score cards and place them in the place provided at the drawmaster’s table.
    • NOTE: After the first game, each team will throw one rock to the button, with sweepers from the throwing rock. Measuring tapes will be available and results to be added to score sheet. Results will be used in case of ties in the standings after all other tie breaking methods used. Add the results to the bottom of your score sheet. If the rock doesn’t get to the house or slides through the house record 73 inches.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Drunk and disorderly conduct, harassment or egregious unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate expulsion from bonspiel and forfeiture of entry fee.  

Draw Information

    • A copy of the draw has been enclosed, and the master draw is displayed on the main level. A good idea would be to take a photo so you will know when your next draw is.
    • Note that as the games take place, we will update the draw on the usual ‘poster’ version in the club.
    • After the pool play, teams will be sorted by points awarded.
    • The top four teams in each pool will advance to the elimination round.
  • 16 teams will be eliminated by end of play on Saturday.,
  • Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will take place on Sunday.
  • Only the A final will be 8 end games.


In the event of any dispute the decision of the
representative of the Sooo Long Organizing Committee
will be final and not subject to any appeal.


Line-ups and Spares

  • Third and fourth rock throwers must be of opposite gender [as skip may not be throwing last rock]
  • Player positions may rotate between games, but not during game as long as previous rule is followed, with the exception of injuries.
  • Spares are permitted but they may not be from any active or eliminated team in the bonspiel. 
  • A team may have no more than two spares for any game.

Banquet and Entertainment


Bar hours: Wednesday-Friday: 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Saturday: 11 am to 1 am

Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm

Saturday Dinner – 7:00 pm

Raffle and final 50/50 draws will be after the banquet.


For a copy of the draw, rules, Mungo Sue’s hours and menus, and to see all of our great sponsors visit our web site:



Odds and Ends

  • See enclosed information sheet regarding parking and everything you need to know about the Victoria Curling Club.
  • Bar and Mungo Sue’s café take debit or credit cards only – they do not take cash. Menu and hours attached to email.
  • However, the 50/50 and raffle basket ticket sales are cash only so please bring cash for a chance to win cash or some fabulous prizes!
  • Raffle baskets tickets will be on sale for 10/$10.00. Check out the great prizes on Raffle Row upstairs in the lounge. Prizes will be drawn after the banquet. Ticket winners must be present when tickets drawn or tickets will be redrawn.
  • We are also raffling off a curling broom $2 per ticket. Winning ticket will be drawn after the banquet. Ticket winners must be present when ticket drawn or ticket will be redrawn.
  • Raffle tickets will be sold to Sooo Long participants only.
  • 50/50 tickets will be sale for 3/$5 and 10/$10; draws will be happening Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and twice on Saturday. Winning numbers will be posted downstairs on the main level and on the bonspiel web page. Any winning numbers not claimed by the time the last ticket has been drawn will be forfeited and a new ticket drawn. 
  • Coffee and muffins will be provided prior to the
    1st draw on Saturday morning.
  • Please keep track of your banquet tickets – you will need to produce them for dinner! 
  • Please note: seating will be assigned at dinner to accommodate larger groups, younger aged players, etc.


Good curling and have fun!