VCC Strategic Roadmap 2020

The VCC has a new “Strategic Roadmap”, posted just outside the office window, that our Board of Directors is looking for further input on. See below for more information:

VCC Members, 

With the generous support of Elevate Consulting, the VCC Board of Directors has begun the process of drafting an updated Strategic Plan for the Club. When complete, the Plan will describe who we are as a club, define our common goals and how to achieve them, and guide decision-making. 

Currently, the Plan is limited to vision and principles presented in the “Roadmap”. Before translating the vision into priorities and actions for VCC teams and staff (a task for the Board over the summer) the Board needs feedback from the people that matter most: the people the Plan is designed to service – you, the members of the Club.

What components of the Plan resonate with you most? Which, if any, pose questions or concerns?

How do the vision and principles as currently drafted align with your vision for the club?

What kind of actions or activities might the Club pursue to achieve the vision? 

Any and all respectful input is welcome and there are two methods available for submitting feedback: 
  a) Via email at
  b) Via the comment box located at the office window.
The deadline for feedback is March 26, 2020. Feedback will be used by the Board of Directors to inform Committee priorities and actions. Summarized feedback will be presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.  

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the Strategic Plan! 

Kind regards, 

Andrew Komlodi
VCC Treasurer and Strategic Planning Coordinator